Coaches’ Etiquette Quick Reference:

  1. Don’t give any advice to anyone else’s fighter unless there’s a relationship and understanding between you and the other coach. “Only unattached and disloyal guys really care what nonsense trick/tip you have. And if it’s not a trick, don’t think the real coach didn’t already address it.”
  2. Don’t always refer to what you did when you were training – it comes off like you’re bragging or you’re trying to prove something with words and not focusing on the fighter. You are insecure, fine. But remember that the ONLY thing that matters is the fighter – here and now. Anecdotal information should be limited. Even if it’s you, Roy Jones. Fighters in the present don’t really care about what you did or didn’t do, would do, or wouldn’t do even if he’s asking it to humor you.
  3. If a fighter solicits your help, tell him to give you his coach’s number and you’ll discuss it with the coach (unless the fighter is actually trying to defect and you are bottom-feeding). There is nothing a coach hates more than a fighter soliciting outside work and not discussing it with his coach first.
  4. Notify the other coach of the glove and glove size your fighters are using in a tour spar – don’t just assume it’s okay and that the other coach can see that it’s good. (Some coaches don’t even allow some Mexican gloves, especially closing in on a fight date).
  5. Bring your own coach supplies on tour spars (tape, vaseline, etc.)
  6. Ask the home coach if you can record sparring before doing it.
  7. Never deny a fighter you worked with, regardless of how long you worked with him or how embarrassed you may be. It is a complete dishonor to “disclaim” that you just started working with a given boxer, or that the boxer isn’t your guy, to assume it saves you face. In actuality, that does the opposite. If you agree to work a corner, even if it’s on the spot, you are taking on a responsibility. Being there the whole way, even if it’s an 8 minute novice fight, is the only thing that’s respectable. Don’t renege on it.


  1. I agree with you wholeheartly in your statement, but one exception. Roy Jones was asked to come in as a hired gun. And I’m quite sure Roy is not the type of person to step over another coach in order to coach his fighters. In one fight, I recall, Roy was asked to coach this fighter because his trainer had visa problems entering into the country. Roy was asked if he could work the guys coner at the last minute, because he did not have a coach. Any time another coach helps out, is because he was ask to by the fighter, and his coach to assist in strategy, Not to take over his fighter for the next 10 of 12 fights. And besides I’m quite sure the coach has the fighter under contract. If not he should. It is very heartening to see fighters jump from coach, to coach after one loss. One fighter who comes to mind is Johnny Tapia, who had 11 coaches over his 10 year span. Now I ask you what’s wrong with this picture. I figured the coaches wouldn’t put up with his drug infused foolishness. Roy is a commentator for HBO sports, and they hired him for his expert experience, and pedigree. I consider Roy to be an exceptional expert when it comes to boxing matters. It is very heartening to see young fighters jump from coach, to coach like prostitutes. Not looking within themselves, and doing their own homework to figure out why they lost. Instead they like to put all the blame on the coaches. Like little spoiled brats.

  2. Well said. Great stuff.
    I love how you call out Roy!
    Too bad the amount of selfish and bad/ hustler coaches are so common and plenty in this game…
    Thank you for keepin’ it real and decent. And honest.

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