2011 New York Daily News Golden Gloves

April 7 & 8 Finals Results 

106-pound women. Brittany Delgado, Veteran’s Memorial, Def. Natalie Gonzalez, Main St. BC, 3-2.

119-pound women. Misato Kamegawa, Atlas Cops n Kids) Def. Lindsay Tolpa, Main St. BC, 5-0.  Too smooth and skillful for the overmatched but tough Tolpa.

114-pound novice. Oscar Moreno, Brotherhood BC, Def. Christian Castro, Ardon Sweet Science, 5-0.

123-pound open. Jaime Estrada, Newburgh BC, Def. Frankie Garriga, Morris Park BC, 4-1.

165-pound women. Christina Jensen, Veteran’s Memorial, Def. Jennifer Egan, Gleason’s Gym, 4-1.

165-pound novice. Joseph Scalafani, Veteran’s Memorial, Def. James Clarke, unattached, 3-2. 

132-pound women. Bertha Aracil (Atlas Cops n Kids, Def. Camille Currie, Gleason’s Gym, 4-1.

141-pound open. Christino Ceballo, Mendez BC, Def. Patrick Day, Freeport PAL, 3-2.

125-pound women. Sylvia Yero, Willis Ave. BC, Def. Heather Hardy, Gleason’s Gym, 4-1.

152-pound open. Christopher Galeano, Mendez BC., Def. Jeremy Fiorentino, Win or Die BC, 4-1.

132-pound open. Marcos Suarez II, Atlas Cops n Kids, Def. Louis Cruz, Atlas Cops n Kids,, 5-0.

178-pound novice. Anthony Pegues, Main St. BC., Def. Michael Fischetti, Tiger Schulmann, 3-2.

201-pound novice. Max Tassy, Redemption BC. , Def. Daniel Girace, Ray Longo’s MMA, 4-1.

201-pound open. Iegor Plevako, Win or Die BC, Def. Elijah Thomas, Willis Ave. BC, tko Rd. 2.

Holy Cross, Queens, NY February 25, 2011

A night of 132 lb. novice bouts….

Alejandro Valentin, of John’s Gym was defeated by Luis Mancilla of Long Island BC.  Valentin came out beating Mancilla to the punch on the inside, but these two were green and appeared tense.  Mancilla was hitting Valentin with the 2 “all day” and won soundly.

Prince Slaughter, unattached, fought Greg Masiello of Atlas Cops ‘N’ Kids.  Slaughter, a southpaw, found the mark with the 2 and had Masiello in a standing 8 in round 1.  Slaughter clearly was more schooled with better punches throughout the bout.  There were 2 more standing 8 counts given to Masiello in round 3.  Slaughter wins by slaughter (as if that’s original).

Francisco Valdez, of Gleason’s Gym, defeated Eleuterio Leon, of K-2 Boxing, with a consistent 1-2-3 and some mixes off those punches.  Leon threw looping punches and got two standing 8 counts – one in round 2 and another in round 3. 

Claudio Gomez, of Westchester BC, fought an impressive Wares Aminy, of K-2 Boxing, who had good movement and swift straight punches.  Aminy seems open for left hooks as he kept his hands low in this bout and consistently dipped to his right.  Aminy got the win for what seemed to be pressing the fight.

Wilburforce Greene, of Newburgh BC, was one of the standouts of the night.  He fought Norberto Ramirez of John’s Gym.  Greene was calm and disciplined, and a southpaw.  He won by tko in round 2 and my early pick to go to the finals (but I haven’t seen everyone yet).

Rami Baz, of Universal BC, was thought to be the best of the night.  He was fluid, boxed tall, and showed stinging speed.  He fought a game but badly outclassed Sergio Zenteno, of Worldwide BC, who just couldn’t overcome the size.  Baz had a quick left hook, and he’s another pic to go to the finals.  Baz threw rights and stepped back beautifully in his decision win. Maybe he and Wilburforce Greene will see each other in a good one.

Edwin smith, of John’s Gym, fought Malik Sykes, of New Legends BC, in the final bout of the evening.  Sykes’s speed had Smith not punching early.  Sykes’s activity and his big, sweeping 2 helped him run out of gas late.  Sykes received a standing 8 in the final round, but by then did too much in a close decision win over Edwin Smith who appeared to have the tools but was just not active enough until it was too late.

Opening Night, January 20, 2011 at B.B. King Blues Club

Opening night of the 2011 NY Daily News Golden Gloves was filled with the familiar faces of the New York boxing scene.  The action was its normal intensity, too.  While the intensity was at a maximum, the skills were par, but the heart was, as always, noteworthy.

The first fight of the tournament was between Alan Foley, 28, of Kingsway BC squaring off against Mervin Maxwell, 20, unattached out of Queens.  Foley appeared to throw punches and end up out of his stance for much of the action.  Mervin Maxwell countered and took the victory.

Stepan Rogulskyi, 21, of NYAC Boxing Club was knocked-down in the first round but pulled off a win in an entertaining match.

A crowd favorite, Angel Rodriguez, 23, of Macho Extreme Boxing Club, started hard against Khuong Chau, 34, of Trinity Boxing Club.  Rodriguez gave Khuong a standing 8 early, but Khuong bounced back with wild, looping punches and his hands down far from his chin.  Khuong threw an uppercut that appeared to stun Rodriguez, followed by a right hook that sent Rodriquez down.  Rodriguez, probably the more skilled fighter, fought a valiant fight standing toe to toe with Khuong and lost a close fight after being deducted a point that may have given the fight away.

Other winners of the night were Brian Murphy, Jacob Ingram, and Courtney Pennington. 

Kevin Guzman won by way of walkover.

(Edits to fight nights will be made as there may be issues managing the “live” particulars of some of the bouts.  So please accept our apologies if we miss any bouts.)

Check Shootafairone.com for upcoming coverage of the NY Daily News Golden Gloves.  Next up: February 17 at Elmcor.

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