12 Reasons Boxing Guys Hate MMA by A. O’toole

July 24, 2009


12 Reasons Boxing Guys Hate MMA by A. O’toole

  1. There are too many segregated leagues (in my day it was WCW versus WWF).
  2. Fighters box like amateurs.
  3. There’s only one Fedor Emelianenko (no gimmicks, no posturing… and he’s so good even with such weak boxing skills.)
  4. Affliction shirts… every soft, wanna-be tough guy, Neptunes juicehead jerk-off who grooms like a whore wears it because it “says something” about him, ironically, without labeling him homosexual.
  5. Short, meaningless records. Even Ray Robinson wasn’t in a hall of fame when he had 6 fights (and he won them all!). Hey, there wasn’t even a Boxing Hall of Fame until boxing was around for over 50 years.
  6. Elite fighters? For how long? Not so elite, maybe?
  7. UFC. There is make believe going on in so many ways, from the murderous stares, post-fight enzone dances, and entrance moves, to the post-fight interview acts. Boxing may have some of it, but check for authenticity.
  8. Violence. It just isn’t as violent as it appears to the millions of uninformed viewers. Ask Maurice Smith.
  9. The science of overall MMA is underdeveloped and not so much science. Can’t anybody with a bit of knowledge know to throw a jab or to circle one way or the other? Where’s the nuance?
  10. Knockouts are very random and lucky. Boxers would never get caught with some of these shots that have no set-up whatsoever.
  11. Everybody is a Pitbull, a Destroyer, or some type of Smasher.
  12. The ground-fighting. Imagine if, in some alternate universe, Mike Tyson put Mitch Green into a “Paint-Brush or Kimura?” Not so gallant, at least to the bona fide street toughs that make up the boxing world.

3 responses to “12 Reasons Boxing Guys Hate MMA by A. O’toole

  1. “at least to the bonafide street toughs that make up the boxing world.”

    Uh.. the boxing world like 99.99% fat middle-aged dudes bored with their wives and tuning in because they need something to talk loud about until their fantasy football draft finishes.

  2. Mma has a place in sport in general. I wish some fighters would stop talking rubbish like Bruce lee would lose in mma. Of course he would and any mma fighter would lose in real street fight against Bruce lee. Put any mma fighter in a boxing ring and say ok boxing rules and they would not last a second and likewise a boxer in a mma ring would also get beat.

    Show some respect

  3. MMA truly corny! funny article.

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