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Stupid Fans, Teddy Atlas, and the Politics of Boxing: A Post Mortem of Pacquiao-Mosley

Top 10 Reason People Don’t Know S%!# About Boxing

Unconventional Techniques – Spinning Backfist, Superman Punch, and the Straight Blast

Methodology of Fight Training: Time, Time, Time Is of the Essence

5 Things Every Fighter Should Quit NOW

Toughness, Race, Insecurity, and the Culture of Fighting

Is Mayweather Mittwork All Show?

Breaking Bricks and Breaking Bu!!$%it

What Makes Some Trainers Great

What Gym Owners Don’t Tell You

The Truth About Fight Specific Gym Equipment

Velasquez-Lesnar AFTERWORD and the Culture of Boxing and MMA

Fight Quotes – A Compilation

Sports Farce Part II – the Delusions of Being Competitive

Q&A with the World Fight Club

A Review of Backyard MMA: World Fight Club Live

Fear Training – Essential Aspect for Training in Martial Arts

Sports Farce Part I – The Weakness of Trying To Be the Best

Fit But Not To Fight – Commentary on the State of Training and Over-Training

9 Real Problems of MMA

Standing and Banging – Bad Stand Up, Period

What’s Wrong with Boxing


The Inherent Cowardice of Ground-fighting

BREAKING NEWS – Pacman-Mayweather, Imagine the Roles Reversed

“Yes, Virginia, There is MMA”

What Makes MMA Gay?

For All Fighters – Psychology, Feeling-Out Process, and TUF

Size, Clinching, and the Klitschkos

Clinching To Be Banned In Boxing?

Little Known Boxing Wisdom – 12 Things Maybe Only Cus D’Amato Knew

What You Get From Traditonal Martial Arts

How To Take a Punch – The Interpretation of Taking Blows

12 More Reasons You Should Hate MMA, Too

12 Reasons Boxing Guys Hate MMA July 24, 2009

A Boxing 10 Point Must Proposal July 18, 2009

The Pinnacle of Illegitimate—MMA July 9, 2009

The Compu-Box Fallacy July 9, 2009

 “If you want a fight…  All news for the fighter, the trainer, and the aficionado.”


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  1. Al Alvir your a moron about Bruce Lee. He’s the BEST case closed.

  2. do you train kids also ?

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